What You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Straws

Hey! The next time you order a juice or soda, try to skip using the plastic straw and use your own reusable stainless steel straw.  Actually, there is also a bamboo straw that could be bought anywhere, but this time, let’s talk about stainless steel straw. 

Today, some food chains have stopped giving plastic straws to customers.  In fact, there are cities and countries who are starting to ban the use of plastic straws which is really a good policy.  Plastic straws will surely cost you more because you will be charged for using it. 

There is a good alternative for straws if you decide not to use plastic.  There are glass straws, Titanium straws, and Stainless Steel Straws.  But today, let’s focus on the Stainless Steel Straws and check why it’s better to use it than other alternatives.

Stainless Steel Straws

Today, there are many restaurants that have become advocate for saving the environment.  And because they could be the number one producers of plastic wastes such as plastic straws, they are starting a “no plastic straw policy”.  So, how can you help? Bring your own Stainless Steel Straws whenever you go out. Get more Interesting details about stainless steel on stainlesssteelstraws.com.au.

Stainless steel straws are the most durable material that has the characteristic of resisting oxidation and corrosion.  It’s made of good material and is safe to use, making it the best alternative for plastic straw.  It’s not resistant to heat and scratches, thus, it is best for cold beverages such as fruit shakes, juices, sodas, and even cold water. 

It’s easy to wash.  You could bring the stainless steel straw anywhere you like.  You can just slip it on you small pouch, bags, and even insert it in your reading materials and other stuff.

When it comes to the price, stainless steel straws are a bite expensive than plastic straws and other types, but the chance of using it many times make it more economical than disposables.