The Complete Guide To What Is An Mphil

Do you also aim to complete your doctoral degree in sociology but you wish to have a shorter course? If yes, you are probably looking for a Master of Philosophy or also known as MPhil. If you want to consider a Master of Philosophy instead of a Doctor of Philosophy, then you should read this article for a complete guide to what is an mphil.

The Master of Philosophy or MPhil is a qualification which is quite similar with a PhD compare to a Masters degree. However, there is still a slight difference between mphil and phd in terms of the content, structures and assessment. When you say mphil, this is a post-graduate research masters. You do not need to finish a long time of studying units and assessments.

An mphil only consists of your independent project. Further, an mphil can be a step if you want to take your phd in sociology, however, an mphil can also stand as a sole qualification if you are looking for a career opportunity. Compare to other Masters degree, the mphil just revolves entirely around your own research. You do not need to complete other taught units which are requires on taking Masters degree because an mphil is just based on the completion of your own thesis. Author is an expert of what is an mphil, click here for more interesting information.

When undertaking an mphil, you will need to be under the guidance of an academic supervisor or adviser but your adviser will never give you a timetable of your classes or some kind of assessments. An mphil also require an admission in which some are pure academic. So, if you plan on taking an mphil in sociology, you should have an appropriate bachelor’s degree in sociology. It is more accurate to take an mphil if you hate long term courses because a phd will definitely require you to complete taught units and assessments. Likewise, if you are planning to deepen your knowledge and understanding in sociology but you cannot complete a doctoral degree, then consider a Master of Philosophy or mphil.