A Modern Mini Storage Tin Hau

Part of our modern living is moving in and out. Whether you found a cozy apartment, needed to stay in a place temporarily, migrating to another city, or bought your dream house, they all involve carrying your baggage from one place to another.

Packing and Piling up to move to the new city seems to sound exciting, but what if you do not have enough space to place all your things?

The mini storage Tin Hau is for folks who live around the district or for people who plan to move to the district. This is not your ordinary mini storage. Here are the reasons why: 

1.  Moving in and out service

It is not a problem anymore if you do not own a car. They provide free transportation service of picking you up from your place to the mini storage Tin Hau and dropping you off from the storage facility to your new place. 

2.  Safe and Secured 

Your belongings are 100% safe with all the door locks and security systems. There is no way a thief can steal your things. Security cameras are working 24 hours to monitor the persons coming in and out of the mini storage. 

3.  Storage Insurance

The management provides free insurance to your storage. The mini storage Tin Hau dedicates its all-out effort to serve you with quality and professionalism. Hence, the safety of your belongings is rest assured. 

4.  Modern Style

The design of the facility adds a touch of elegance to complement modern life. It gives you both the comfort of storing your things in private mini storage and the enjoyment of the premium service. Again, this is not your ordinary stock room.

5.  Storage Consultant If it is hard to choose which mini storage suits your belongings, then ask a storage consultant. They are approachable and more than willing to help you walk throughout the process