Webcomic: What Is It All About?

Reading comic books is one of the pastimes of youngsters around the world. The traditional comic books are in the form of comic strip with coloured or black and white prints normally features series of adventures of superheroes, romance, and other genres.

As the days past, a lot of innovations emerged in the entertainment industry. One of that is the webcomic innovation that gives reader a convenient of reading comic stories on internet. This innovation is called webcomic.

Webcomic refers to comics published on a website or in a mobile app with wide range of style from traditional comic strips to graphic one and even to advanced and modern visuals. Similar to traditional printed comic strips, webcomic however has likely similar genres. It is however developed using digital art programs such as photoshop or illustrator.

Creators or writers of webcomics could over exaggerate their visuals or stories since comics published on web especially those self-published works does not have the same restriction when it comes to its content compare to the printed ones.

The history of webcomic had started when Erick Millikin’s “Witches and Stitches” had been shared on the internet. From then on, webcomic had started to grow and able to gain fandom in the entertainment industry. The reason behind it and could never be denied is because of its unique form of art that had drawn a wide readership into this mystical world and of course the convenient it offers being readily available and could easily be accessed through internet.

As to this day, there are lot of webcomics published and shared on the net all over the world. Just like any other books that has their e-book version, webcomics is soaring with its own version and genres. One of the popular and ongoing webcomic available in the digital world is one punch man webcomic.