Different Types Of Nail Designs That You Should Know

Nail design is a new trend in today’s era. You can say this is the creative way of decorating and painting the nails. Basically this type of art work is done on the finger nails or toe nails after pedicure or manicure.

The culture of nail art started to show its excellence from 2012 in United States and the same year a documentary named ‘NAIL gasm’ was released to inspire the art all over the world. If you are about to inspire your next manicure with an amazing nail art then follow the below designs.

Painting with brush

You can use here any type of brushes. The synthetic brushes are basically suggested for you. With the help of this brush you can draw a pattern or design over your nails.

Use a sponge

It can be your make-up sponge or any other sponges. Now gets a gradient and achromatic design using this brush. You can also mix up some colour using a brush also. If you are more curious about nails design then you can learn more about it on www.nailsweek.com.

Stamping technique

In this technique, your nails will be covered with a stamp and it must be a stumpy coating of some of the special nail chemicals. After that you can use a scraper so that the nail polish is seen only.

Tape your nails

Take a tape and cut it in some small pieces and after that pastes it over your nails. Apply a nail colour and then remove the tape.  You can also cover the taped places with other colours.

Digital nail art

Digital nail art devices have already come in the beauty salons. This automated method of nail art takes a less time to get a fantastic nail art.

Except the above mentioned , you can also go for airbrush nail art, nail art with stickers, splatter nails, water marble art and etc. So pick the best one for you and get the desired nail design that you dreamt off.